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Admin 2014-09-30

Education Cap in Afghanistan

Sport Brings People Together - First Education Cap in Afghanistan

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Admin 2014-09-23

Training of 50 Literacy Trainers

ANAFAE Trained 50 Literacy Trainers to Teach Post Literacy Education

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Admin 2014-09-01

ANAFAE Master Training for Literacy Department

ANAFAE Trained 20 Literacy Master Trainers For National Literacy Department

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Admin 2014-03-17

ANAFAE and Acber Organization Agreement

ANAFAE Sheberghan office signed an agreement with Acbar organization

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Admin 2014-07-31

Special Course for Takhar Government Employees

Special office Management Course for Takhar Government Employees from ANAFAE

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Admin 2014-03-07

Competition for Volunteer Literacy Facilitator

The ALC (Adult Learning Center) in Kunduz province with the financial support of UNESC

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Admin 2013-03-08

Life Meeting

LIFE provincial meeting, Badakhshan Literacy Directorate, Faiz Abad, Badakhshan, Afghanistan

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Admin 2013-12-09

Second National Literacy Master Training Program

Afghan National Association For Adult Education (ANAFAE), with the support of German Cooperation Deutsche Zusamanarbeit

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Admin 2013-12-09

Literacy Training ToT

Training of Trainer, ToT, is a practice for teachers or trainers as professionals in the field of literacy

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Admin 2013-12-09

Adult Learning Center Aybak

LC Aybak is located in the Karti Solhi Aryana Phase inside of the Municipality hotel

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