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The Afghan National Association for Adult Education (ANAFAE), established in September 2005, promotes the development of Adult Education and lifelong learning in line with the Sustainable Development Goal 4 on Education and other SDG goals.

ANAFAE works to foster the establishment of Adult and Community Learning Centers, and supports the development of qualified, relevant Adult Learning and Education (ALE) programs and effective strategies that opens access for learning throughout life.

Till today ANAFAE established a network of 25 Adult Education and Community Learning Centers in in 12 provinces. Several ALE Centers have already been handed over into local hands.

At present ANAFAE operates 15 ALE Centers in Parwan, in Herat, in Kabul and in Mazar and offer a wide range of education opportunities for adults above 15 years of age who are:

ANAFAE sees education as a permanent process, as an active source of development and innovation that accompanies individuals from the childhood throughout all phases of their lives. ANAFAE promotes the acknowledgement of the values of skills and competences obtained in various situations and phases of life, it doesn’t matter, if in formal, non-formal or informal settings, in short term or long term education programs.

Our approach to teaching and learning is learner-centered, supports self-directed learning, participation and collaboration during the learning process. Most of our education programs are based on national standards or international education products with well recognized certifications.

In our ALE Centers young adults gain new skills and competences for working life, improve their employability in various fields, like IT, web design, mobile phone repair, English, as well as in finance, business and entrepreneurship.

In line with the priorities of the National Education Strategic Plans (NESP III) we managed to enlarge the access of young learners to quality education. In 2022 we counted 97.735 learners in all education courses of the ANAFAE Education Network, 48, 73% of them were young females.

Our X-Pert Centers

Institutions where Learners Get Knowledge

X-Pert1 MZR

+93 (0) 79-103-7518 | xpert1.mazar.anafae@gmail.com

2nd floor of Sayed Mohammed Sultani Market, Sancharaki intersection, 1st district of Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan.

Xpert Charikar

+93 (0) 79-103-7511 | xpert.charikar.anafae@gmail.com

Jenaea old alley, In front of Haji Wazir Khan mosque, Charikar City, Afghanistan.

Xpert 2 Kabul

+93 (0) 79-103-7500 | xpert2.anafae.kabul@gmail.com

Khair Khana, 3 Way of Khoja Boghra,Kabul, Afghanistan.

Xpert 4 Kabul

+93 (0) 79-103-7512 | xpert4.anafae.kabul@gmail.com

Darul-aman Road, In front of Dunya University, Kabul, Afghanistan.

Xpert for Women

+93 (0) 79-103-7535 | xpertwomen.anafae.kabul@gmail.com

District 15, Second part of Khair-Khana ,Beside Japanese Park, Kabul, Afghanistan.

Xpert 3 Kabul

+93 (0) 79-103-7502 | xpert3.anafae.kabul@gmail.com

11th District, Second Part of KhairKhana, Panjshir Wat Station, Close to Masjid Square, Kabul, Afghanistan.

Xpert Herat

+93 (0) 79-103-7503 | xpert1.herat.anafae@gmail.com

Taraqi park, Ahmad shah abdali road, Ahmad shah fifth street, Herat, Afghanistan.

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