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Afghan National Association For Adult Education

Our History

The Afghan National Association for Adult Education (ANAFAE) was founded in September 2005 as an umbrella organization to foster the development of local adult education centers.

The Association sees itself as a national forum for the promotion of strategies and programs of adult education with a particular focus on literacy learning, basic education, further vocational training, and continuing civic education. It maintains contact with decision makers and policy planners in the sector, officials in charge of Ministry education departments and programs, tertiary level teachers and instructors, and seeks to encourage proactive dialogue among all stakeholders in the sector, including grassroots practitioners.

ANAFAE maintains close ties of cooperation with the National Literacy Centre, the Ministries of Education, Labor, afnd Women’s Affairs and their local structures in the provinces, as well as with Community Development Councils, especially in the northern province of Balkh.Since the end of 2007, ANAFAE is a member of the network of the Asian South Pacific Bureau of Adult Education (ASPBAE).

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Our Story

Summery from 20 Years of Our Journey

17,Dec, 2019

Signed agreement with iTTi

International TEFL/TESOL Training Institute

17,Dec, 2019
01 Nov, 2017


UNESCO Literacy Prize Awarded to ANAFAE

17,Dec, 2017

Signed Memorandum with TVET

Sign Memorandum of Understanding with Institute of arts and Deputy Ministry of TVET.

17,Dec, 2017
01 Dec, 2017

Agreement with ICDL Asia

Signed a partnership agreement with ICDL Asia (International Computer Driving License)

15 Oct, 2017

ANAFAE implemented SEDEP

Sustainable Economic Development and Employment Promotion Program

15 Oct, 2017
01 Jan, 2016

WHH Project

The association Deutsche Welthungerhilfe

01 Jan, 2016
20 Sep, 2016

Signed agreement with National Art Gallary

Signed a new Mutual Memorandum of Understanding with Head of National Art Gallery.

01 July, 2014

Agreement with acber organization

ANAFAE's Sheberghan office signed an agreement with Acber organization

01 July, 2014
01 July, 2010

GIZ-DED Program

Supporting the management and administration of three Vocational Training Centres in 3 Province.

01 Jan, 2010

HAGER International Program

Literacy education and vocational training for victims of human trafficking in protected shelters.

01 Jan, 2010
01 Nov, 2009

GIZ PIU in 2009 - 2010

Literacy Education Programme for Afghan National Police (ANP) in 63 ANP police districts.

01 July, 2009

IOM Program

Development of training manuals to prevent human trafficking in 3 provinces.

01 July, 2009
01 Jun, 2009

GIZ-BEPA (Basic Education Program)

Implementation of an assessments on literacy education needs in Badakhshan province

01 July, 2007


Assessments on literacy education needs in Balkh province.

01 July, 2007
01 Jun, 2007

Become Member of ASBPAE

Asia South Pacific Association For Basic And Education.

01 Jun, 2006

DVVI Partnership

German Association for Adult Education - DVV International

01 Jun, 2006
Registered as NGO in 2005
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Our Objective and Future Plan


Empower young adults and adults to actively contribute to a sustainable and inclusive society, and a peaceful living together, through lifelong learning.


Working to be unique and highly focused on affordable Quality-Education that matters and is truly relevant to young adult needs in the light of today’s challenges and for an Afghanistan of tomorrow.

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