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Literacy Education

Literacy Education


ANAFAE uses the Literacy Education National Curriculum in the literacy courses. The national curriculum is provided by Literacy Department of Ministry of Education. The total duration in literacy courses are nine months, with a basic literacy education part of six months (Literacy and numeracy) and with the post literacy education of three months. Each, the basic literacy and the post literacy has their own book for the learners. The Literacy facilitators use the “Teacher’s Guide Book” to teach basic literacy education part, and for the post literacy part ANAFAE have developed a Guide for the facilitators.

The post literacy education part is linked to the life, work and the community of the learners.

Basic Literacy book has six parts and 288 pages. This book is taught at the first six months. The literacy learners learn two hours each working day (six days, except Fridays), which is equal to 12 hours a week and 308 hours in six months, 154 days in six months.

The book for the learners used in the Post Literacy education part has 177 pages and focuses on a non-formal education approach linked to the community and working life of the learners. The learners attend the 2 hours class a day (six days, except Fridays), 150 hours in three months and 57 days in three months. All the learners participate in the literacy classes during the duration of nine months for 432 hours.

Literacy Components:

TAfghan National Association for Adult Education, ANAFAE, uses three significant subjects that are essential to for all humans to know and covers the important aspects of life. These three subjects are Health Education, Civic Education and Own Economic Education.

Health Education:

Health Education is a supplementary component of ANAFAE’s literacy education. This book covers the basic but crucial health related topics that are essential and vital for a human to know and use them as guidance. The book covers the sanitations topics, healthy nourishment and preventive diseases.

TThe Health Education book is taught from the first month of literacy education course. The facilitator uses this book, related posters and tables at days those basic literacy book’s topics touching the health issues.

Own Economic Education:

Own Economic Education, OEE, book is another component of ANAFAE’s literacy education course. This component tends to inspire and motivate the literacy learners to productivity and self-sufficiency in their life.

The OEE book gives the learners a prospective of self-employment and income generation. Learners, learn to initiate small businesses from this component.

This book is taught from the third month of literacy education course onwards in the literacy classes. The OEE is taught for half an hour at the end of the classes, three days a week, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. This means one and half-hours OEE tuitions in a wee

Civic Education:

Civic Education Book is another component of literacy education course. This book cover topics related to the life in a civil society. It gives the learners prospective of life a civil society that is ruled by law and order and it projects individual’s role in this society. This book is taught for half and one three days a week, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, from the third month of the literacy course onwards. In a week, the learners have one and half-hours Civic Education during a week.

Target Groups:

The target group for the literacy courses is young females who are above 14 years old and have dropped out of the school or have never been enrolled in to schools. These young females are deprived of education because of the civil war, forced immigrations, financial problems and poor living statues.

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