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The Afghan National Association for Adult Education (ANAFAE)

is dvv international‘s partner organisation in Afghanistan. ANAFAE support the development of adult learning centres, educational programmes in literacy, basic education as well as educating adults about health and civil society.

The objective of ANAFAE’s work is to support and broaden the offers for adult education. In addition to implementing the project, ANAFAE focuses on three important aspects of work:

  • Supporting and broadening the content and methods of adult education, in particular by giving training and further education to multipliers in adult education;
  • Discussing the basic concepts and strategies of adult education with the governmental education and training institutions;
  • Networking practitioners from governmental and non-governmental institutions, literacy programmes, vocational education and women education projects as well as educational practitioners from the field of health and culture to support the exchange of concepts and methods.

ANAFAE was registered as a national NGO in 2005. At present, over 480 employees, the majority of whom are teachers, work in the adult education centres (16 in total), literacy programmes in rural areas as well as in both programme coordination offices in Kabul and Mazar. ANAFAE became a member of the network Asia South Pacific Bureau of Adult Education (ASPBAE) in 2007.

International Partners
DVV International - Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association

For over 40 years dvv international (previously the Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association IIZ/DVV) has led projects in the field of adult education in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe to establish peace and fight poverty. The topics range from literacy to professional training, from health education to political education, from rural development to the advancement of women.

dvv international currently maintains regional offices in the Middle East, South East Asia, Central Asia, the Caucasus region, South East Europe, Central America, West and East Africa and well as in Southern Africa. Each regional office is in charge of 2-3 project offices in countries in these regions.

dvv international employs approx. 150 employees domestically and abroad, approx. 70 of which are employees.

with qualifications in adult education. The projects in Afghanistan are carried out in close cooperation with our Afghan partner organisation ANAFAE. A project manager as well as two advisers support project implementation and advise the partner organisation at the project location. The headquarters in Bonn are responsible for managing the content of the projects and monitoring finances.

The work carried out by dvv international is mainly financed by funding from the BMZ, the European Commission and the Foreign Office.

National Partners

ANAFAE contacts political leaders and the heads of the programmes and departments in the ministries, the trainers and lecturers in colleges and wants to involve them in active discussions with education practitioners to develop national educational practices and new educational strategies in this sector.

ANAFAE works in close cooperation with the National Department for Literacy and Non-Formal Education, the ministries for education, work and women and their local representatives in the provinces as well as with the local communities.

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