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Video Teaching alternative way for Education in Covid-19 time

The spread of COVID-19 is not the only threat to weak education systems in Afghanistan, it is coinciding with a very complex political situation and the continuing armed conflict and put additional stress on the struggling and underfinanced education system.

In order to limit the exposure of residents to COVID-19 and curb the further spread of the virus, the government officially closed down all educational institutions in March and disrupted the education of million of students until the end of August.

ANAFAE suddenly had to switch from traditional face-to-face learning to distance learning options. This was a completely new situation for all of us and still is a huge challenge.

As a partner of the Education in Emergencies Working Group (EiEWG), ANAFAE committed itself to start an alternative learning approach for the learners of grade 4 of the Accelerated Learning Programme (ALP), which bridges literacy education to formal education.

The ANAFAE literacy team selected the best-performing teachers, trained them to practice teaching, to present their subject, bring upon the learning objectives in an attractive learner-centered way in front of the camera to link well with their students.

A professional recording production company helped to produce the video lessons. In a first phase ANAFAE recorded 115 video lessons for this important education programme that allows access to the formal education for literacy learners. ANAFAE distributed the recorded video lessons to the learners of the starting classes of the program by flash memory. The learning process officially started on 14. June 2020.

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