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Training for new Literacy Pilot Project

Despite lot of progress to develop the education system, Afghanistan still has one of the highest illiteracy rates in the world. According to the Central Statistical Office, nearly half of the young people looking for work are illiterate. The number of literacy programs has declined sharply due to lack of funding in recent years.

Especially women are effected. In the Asia Foundation 2018 annual survey, 45.7% of interviewees cite illiteracy and lack of educational opportunities as the biggest problems facing women in their region.

The need for literacy programs and flexible transitions, especially from literacy to postgraduate education programs, for the 15 to 25 year old is high.

Capacity building workshop for teachers and supervisors in Mazar and Kabul

ANAFAE in cooperation with DVV International started two new education projects related to literacy education and to catch up from literacy levels to formal education. The focus of these two programs is on women, they have been neglected over decades.

At the beginning of the program, 130 Literacy teachers as well as supervisors are trained in two parallel workshops in Kabul and two other parallel workshops in Balkh province. All training workshops are started on February 9th 2019.

They are arranged by Literacy Department of ANAFAE. Master Trainers of ANAFAE are facilitating the workshops for the new recruited teachers and field supervisors. They obtain new skills and teaching competences, learn about various teaching methods of adults learning to be prepared to teach 9 months of literacy education courses.

Also an eight day parallel training workshops for teachers and supervisors of Accelerated Pilot Program (APP) to catch up from literacy levels to formal education is conducted on 9th February 2019 by literacy department of ANAFAE in both Kabul and Balkh provinces.

ANAFAE is piloting this program for the first time in Afghanistan, learners of this program are those who already graduated from 9 months of literacy education courses and got the completion certificate.

Accelerated Pilot Program (APP) will length 10.5 months and learners acquire the skills equivalent to classes of 4, 5 and 6 of formal education. Master trainers from National Literacy Department of Ministry of Education and ANAFAE jointly facilitating this workshops.

Mr. Muhammad Yaseen Samim, Advisor of the National Literacy Department (NLD), Mr. Muhammad Tamim Kabul from Kabul City Education Departments M&E manager, Ms. Masuma Namazi literacy manager of district 13, Abdul Hadi Amini local lawyer of Surkh Abad, literacy manager of district 9, Literacy Master trainers, literacy facilitators and supervisors and ANAFAE representatives participated in the opening of the program. All of them wished successful achievements in mounting the education level in country through these literacy and new pilot programs

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