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Learn to be a good Literacy Facilitator

Training Post Literacy Training Workshop for Literacy Facilitators and Supervisors

During the last 10 days in September, the ANAFAE literacy team conducted a 10 day post-literacy education training of teachers (ToT) workshop for literacy education facilitators and field supervisors to enhance their knowledge and capacities to be prepared to advance the post-literacy education.

The ANAFAE literacy program successfully completed 6 months of basic literacy education for over 5000 returnees and IDP females in 220 courses, both in Kabul resettlements and several refugee camps in the Balkh province. Now the last 3 month, the post-literacy phase is starting.

Mr. Allah Baz Jam, the program director of the National Literacy Department opened the training workshop and appreciated the work of ANAFAE and of the more than 110 literacy facilitators and supervisors form Kabul.

Also the ANAFAE director and members of the ANAFAE literacy team welcomed the participants of the ToT. He highlighted the good and longstanding cooperation between National Literacy Department (NLD) and ANAFAE.

At present, literacy learners will gain a certificate that is equal to class 3 of general education, when they complete 6 months of basic literacy and 3 post-literacy education courses. Now ANAFAE plans to open new pathways for literacy learners to catch with general education grade 6, 9 and 12 through accelerated learning so that they can get the chance to join even university or get their desired jobs.  The National Literacy Department has promised al its support for ANAFAE to make it happen.

Tahira Ahmadi one of the literacy facilitators from Surkh Abad participated in the ToT workshop and expressed how she improved her work as a literacy teacher:

“Before working with ANAFAE as a literacy facilitator I was working in a private learning centre.

During the ANAFAE basic and post ToT workshops I learned many methods of teaching, team work, presenting answers and questions, work with photos and charts, practical exercise and how to use the geometric shapes and games to motivate the female learners. Also I learned how to stand in front of the elders and how to behave with them because there is a huge difference between pedagogy and andragogy.

These ToT workshops of ANAFAE prepared me to act as a professional facilitator in the class and to pass on my knowledge to learners. During the ToT workshops I learned how to use the additional literacy components like health education, role of women in the families and communities and to build the capacity of the learners in economics, which I think it’s very useful and important to teach the learners about the family income and expenditures, society, rights, marriage, heritage, family responsibilities, health, prevention from the sickness and others.

In my past career I had no much information about the methods of teaching elders but now after the participation in these trainings workshops I feel much better and comfort, it’s important to link the lessons with the learner’s life so that they can easily learn and will not forget.”

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