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Workshop for Education Managers in Mazar-e Sharif

The Education Managers of the Afghan National Association for Adult Education, held a three-day workshop in Mazar-e Sharif from 5-7th December, 2017. 1 (12)

The main focus of the workshop was on the strategic development of the ANAFAE Adult Learning Centre’s in 2018 and especially the breakdown of the strategic goals to update the education services.

In addition, the Education Managers together with the ANAFAE Quality Team discussed the development and the implementation of national and international education standards in different education programs. During the 2017 the ICDL (International Computer Driving License) were introduced in most Adult Learning Centers.

1 (30)In 2017 in most English language courses the Cambridge Standards / Interchange (English for adults) are now implemented. The Education Managers agreed to introduce the NOSS Standards (National Occupational Skill Standards) to new employability courses in 2018.

Then the quality team presented the teachers performance test, discussed and agreed on newly hired teachers, teacher levels for all Adult and Community Learning Centers.

The Education Managers also discussed the achievements, weaknesses, problems, they faced in 2017. Another important issue of the agenda was the discussion on how to further sustain the education programs during the coming years. In this context the budget planning for the coming year were presented and discussed.1 (6)

At the end of the workshop, the education managers received an appreciation letter thanking from their great performance and hard work in 2017. The Adult Education Center, the Community Learning Center 9 in Mazar, and the new Adult Learning Center in Kabul were awarded as best performing and for their innovative activities.