Women ALC

“Education is the key to success and peace”. Yes, we hear this quote every day, but for us this is a quote written in  pieces of paper or painted on walls. We are living in a country which has experienced decades of civil wars. My country was and is struggling with severe economic, political, security, education hardships; however, there is the most serious problem too, societal. From an early age, I have noticed the women’s right and position in my country. How people were20w behaving with them, how their rights were not being taken seriously, how they were being sold. I could understand that in remote places and even in urban areas, women are still treated as mere objects for reproduction and homemaking. Lacking identity, education and vision, these women as well as minor females are constantly subjected to domestic domination and deprivation. One of the most important rights of women which is not taken seriously is education. According to UNISCO, in Afghanistan, Of the 774 million adults (15 years and older) who still cannot read or write, two–thirds of them (493 million) are women. Some 47 percent of Afghan men and a tiny 15 percent of women can read and write, according to the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF). Many Afghan women do not even make it through schools, leaving to get married (15% of all girls get married by age of 15). That’s why most of organizations and agencies working for women empowerment through education and one of them are Women Adult Learning Center.

Knowledge will bring you the opportunity to make a difference. ― Claire Fagin. Women ALC Kabul is located near the Maryam High School, west of the Japanese park, third lane, Qala-e-Najara area. Kabul is a big city and nowadays lots of schools and educational institutes are available in this city but exclusive education institution for women are merely available. Thus, women ALC is unique center of its kind in the city with updated methodologies and education materials. Women ALC Kabul has registered to the ministry of education in 2012.

Women ALC has established a strong link between women’s education and international development. International development is an academic discipline5w concerned with the social and economic progress in impoverished regions. we provide short courses in 4 departments, language, IT & Computer, Science, art, vocational trainings, and employability. In recent years, Women ALC has expanded its activities to include Peace-Building education in parts of Kabul; capacity building for women-headed NGOs in Kabul to enable them to catch up on education missed during the Taliban years, and a small project focusing on one-off support and needs assessment for Widows in Kabul.

All the teachers of this ALC have higher educations’ and well working background in other educational centers. They trained well by ANAFAE master trainers before starting teaching. ANAFAE prepares some capacity building professional training workshops for all ALCs’ Trainers and administrative staff. Through these trainings they learn new teaching and other service methodologies. Women ALC is committed to promote human rights and gender equality, working towards the abolishment of any kind of discrimination and violence against women10w

Women ALC staff are working hard to provide best education in short courses to all our female students under the light of ANAFAE. Women ALC is working for protection and promotion of women’s rights, and without peace and learning such rights are just an abstraction. This center graduated a lot of students that they can help their families in all bad and good situation.

Education is right of each woman so we are taking into account education of each adult women in Women Alc.

In conclusion, Women Alc Education Centre is the best choice for additional education and a good opportunity to start your short courses studies in low cost and standard way.