SIYB (Start and Improve Your Business), SIYB Training of Trainers

ANAFAE’s representatives (Sapna Haidary), (Taksila kawakib) and (Yalda Bari) Participated in SIYB Training of Trainers workshop, jointly organized by the DSC_0012ITCILO’s promotion of Youth Employment in Afghanistan, the ILO’s Road to Jobs Technical Cooperation project, and the Balkh Chamber of Commerce. The SIYB Training of Trainers aims at preparing future SIYB trainers with the necessary knowledge, tools and methodologies to effectively teach the SIYB training package.

Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) is currently the largest business management training programme with a focus on starting and improving businesses as a strategy for creating more and better employment for women and men. It supports the sustainable development goals by promoting business development policies that support decent job creation, entrepreneurship and encourage the growth of micro, small and medium enterprises; and productive employment and decent work for all, including the youth and persons with disabilities.

DSC_0072Participants completing the two-week course” Start and Improve Your Business-SIYB Training of trainers” will be accredited to participate as trainers in the following two weeks course “Start and Improve Your Business-Training of Entrepreneurs”

ANAFAE’s representatives participated in SYB-TOT (Start Your Business-Training of Trainers) in July 2017, after SYB-TOT, they have participated in SYB-TOE (Start Your Business-Training of Entrepreneurs), they trained potential and existing entrepreneurs for SYB package

They have participated in Refreshers course and IYB-TOT (Improve Your Business-Training of Trainers) in December 2017

They will train Entrepreneurs for IYB package in January 2018 after that they will get the certification and become a certified SIYB trainer in Afghanistan DSC_0149

The TOT course in the first step is obtaining the certification as SIYB trainers. It is facilitated by ILO-certified Master Trainer and will introduce participants to both the technical content of the relevant SIYB package and to adult learning methodologies. Participants who have attended the two course, who have taken part in organizing and facilitating a Training of Entrepreneurs(TOE), and have attended a competency reinforcement workshop will be certified as ILO SIYB trainers and have the credentials to offer SIYB training to potential entrepreneurs and SMEs.

SIYB trainers play a key role in SIYB implementation as they are responsible for training entrepreneurs-starting from understanding their training needs to post-training follows up support provision.

Soon, ANAFAE will have SIYB certified trainers, which can consider as a significant achievement.