Promoting Individual Initiative and Improving Employability

graybubdvv international and its Afghan partners also support income-generating and job-qualifying measures that give young people between the ages of 16 to 35, and women in particular, opportunities to acquire new knowledge and skills capable of improving their own livelihood security and that of their families.

Strengthening the personal initiative of people and helping the increase their chances of employment improves their position in their families and communities.

In the city of Khost, which is located near the Pakistan border, dvv international supported a program of training measures in the areas of electrical installation plumbing, welding and tailoring. The 120 unemployed refugees and ex-soldiers who took part in the training succeeded in improving their chances of finding work in the informal business sector.

In a section of Kabul that is heavily populated by refugees, training in the manufacture of soap and noodle products was given to 130 refugee women. Most were  members of the Hazara ethnic minority, and many of them widows. They sell the products they make to people in their neighborhoods in order to improve their families’ income. During training, the participants also learned how to read, write and compute.