Participation of ANAFAE/ANCE in Open Government Partnership Afghanistan Meeting

ANAFAE / ANEC attended in 2-days meeting on Open Government Partnership Afghanistan at Marble Palace on 12-13th July 2017, details are as following:1
1. The potential of open government and OGP to cultivate new and stronger relationships between citizens and governments, thereby rebuilding trust and improving the lives of citizens, continued to be a central theme of the Summit.
2. The OGP Global Summit was mentioned in well over 500 news stories and opinion pieces with important hits coming out of Argentina, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Mexico, Pakistan, Taiwan, the United States and Uruguay.
3. Afghanistan attained the membership of OGP with 88% marks in 2016.
4. To raise the awareness of civil society actors about the OGP initiative and process;
5. To facilitate discussion and proactive participation of civil society in the development of commitments as part of OGP.
6. The ultimate objective is to ensure the OGP initiative and process are inclusive of, and owned by, both Government and Civil Society.
7. Preparation of draft commitments as part of the Multi-Stakeholder Platform in charge of developing Afghanistan’s National Action Plan for OGP.3333
Assessment of governments towards OGP:
1. Financial Transparency
2. Access to Information
3. Record of Government Officials assets
4. Civil Society involvement in national decisions
• Civil Society Organizations is committed to provide technical and advisory support to OGP process.
• Civil Society Forum established.
• The forum is comprised of 7 elected persons from 7 different civil society organizations.
• The forum is assigned to work on selection of another 15 civil society organizations to create technical working group.

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