Literacy Trainings

Training of Trainer or Teacher (ToT)

Training of Trainer, ToT, is a practice for teachers or trainers as professionals in the field of literacy, specifically for teaching the Basic and the Trainers attend a twenty days workshop on how to teach Basic and Post Literacy books at the beginning of each course.

IMG_1369The training for Health, Civic and Own Economic books ( litercay components) are designed to cover all the content of the book in ten days workshop, as the content in the mentioned books are not as many as Basic and Post literacy books.t Literacy books, Health, Civic and Own Economic Initiative books. ToTs are designed to cover the training related to the content of the Basic Literacy book, Post Literacy book, Civic Education book, Health Education book and Own Economic Education books.


Training of Trainer workshops cover bout theoretical and practical practice based on the subjects of the books. The  trainers that participate in these workshops present sample classes and the master trainer and other participants give feedback to the presenter. This practice is very effective as the knowledge and experience of all trainers are shared with each other.

In these workshops, apart from the teacher or trainers of literacy, the literacy supervisors also participate. In order to support the Afghan Nation Literacy Department (NLD), Afghan National Association For Adult Education, ANAFAE, invites and trains the literacy teacher of the NLD and provincial Literacy Directorate Literacy. These training are conducted by professional and experienced master trainers.

Training of Trainer/ Teachers in 2013

Basic literacy and additional 20 days training workshop conducted for all facilitators and supervisors of the literacy program. As a result, 70 literacy facilitators, 7 literacy supervisors and additional components supervisors received training and qualification. This qualification is used for implementation of basic literacy courses around ALCs and CLCs in provinces.

Trainers and supervisors of the ministry of education department of literacy on provincial level recieved training durring the conduction basic literacy training workshop. This training will help them improve thier implementation and monitoring of thier ongoing literacy courses in the provinces.