Literacy and Income Generation

The fundamental aim of the literacy and adult education in most third world countries remains to be centered around erradicating the rampant poverty and improving the living standards of people. With the same mission, ANAFAE  has to its credit, the success stories of two literacy classes in Charikar city in the Parwan province.DSC01777

In VI section of Charikar city, the Literacy class tought by Roya, daughter of Ramadan, is held from 4 pm till 6 pm. in District II of Charikar city, the Literacy class by teacher Diba, daughter of Amanullah, begins at 2 pm and ends at 4 pm. Both the teachers have successfully initiated teaching needle work from the begining of the literacy course in March 2013.

Presently, Roya has 24 female literacy learners in her class, while Diba’s class consists of 27 female literacy learners. Both the tutors have created a bank savings account, in which the learners have contributed small share of money over the last two months, with the purpose of buying the raw materiala and tools required for needle work.

The amount of money for the initiative, which the pupils contributed voluntarily, was not pre-determined and each learner contributed just as much money as she could, and whenever she could afford. During the two initial months, they gathered around 500 AFN in each class. With this money, the learners in each class bought both threads and needles for needle work.

Meanwhile, a student Jila, daughter of Mohammad Omar, a 30 years old house wife from VI section of Charikar city possessing advanced skill of needle work, shared her skills and experiences with other class mates in the class of Teacher Roya.

Also, in teacher Diba’s class, a 23 years old single girl learner by the name of Sheba took the responsiblitily of teaching the needle work to her class mates.

After gaining the skill for needle work in the first two months, the literacy learners actively started producing hand-crafted materials like vessel and table covers. These items were sold for 30 AFN, glass covers were sold for around 20AFN and a small table cover fetched 50AFN.

The remaining eight Literacy Courses in Charikar city of Parwan province were inspired by this successful economic Initiative and from June onwards, these have also begin to teach needle work to students in the literacy classes. Over the next few months, these eight batches will also be able to earn from their needle work merchandise.

This is a small but great indicator of the aim, reduction of poverty through literacy education,  that ANAFAE is persueing.