First Online courses for young entrepreneurs (SIYB start your own business at

The Afghan National Association for Adult Education launched its first online courses; Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) for young entrepreneurs.

If you are interested to start your own successful successful business, join the SYIB online courses of ANAFAE. Have a look at

The Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) is the business management training of International Labor Organization (ILO) with 15 million participants worldwide. Meanwhile the training helped to create 9 million jobs. About 3000 partner organizations, 65.000 trainers, 300 master trainers supported the SYIB programme since 1980’s in many countries.IMG_0852

Mohammad Akbar Mahmoody,  Master Trainer of ANAFAE uploaded the SIYB online training programme for young entrepreneurs according to SIYB standards and ILO copyright policies, after approval of SIYB Global Coordination to the new ANAFAE online learning platform

ANAFAE piloted two first courses of the SIYB, Generate Your Business Idea (GYBI /24 hours) and Start Your Business (SYB /40 hours) with about 80 participants in 4 different virtual online classes under supervision of ANAFAE SIYB certified master trainers Mohammad Akbar Mahmoody and Ameer Khan Ameer. The participants were enthusiastic. Indeed, the participants’ in their anonymous feedback showed that they were really satisfied from the SIYB training and the new e-learning platform of ANAFAE.

ANAFAE will now offer new SIYB online training courses.

Participants can create their accounts through ANAFAE online learning management sySI6A3391stem then join the course after approval of the master trainer and attend live sessions, as well as they take part in group discussions via forum. In addition, they can do their interactive activities, give feedback, and do assignments.