Competition for Volunteer Literacy Facilitator

The ALC (Adult Learning Center) in Kunduz province with the financial support of UNESCO and by request of National Literacy Department (NLD) has conducted a competition among 87 male and female volunteer facilitators on 4th-August-2014.

The aim of this competition was to select qualified teachers and supervisors for the literacy courses in Kunduz city and 3 major districts of Emam Sahib, Qala-e-Zal and Ali Abad.

As per the request of NLD, the ALC in Kunduz conducted the whole testing process such as arrangement of volunteers in particular places, banners and providing the test papers.

The supervisors of the competition were Mr. Hamedullah Durani (The Coordinator of UNISCO in Kunduz), Mr. Khosh Mohammad (Deputy Assistant of Kunduz Provincial Council), Abdul Qader Haqyar (Director of Kunduz Literacy Department), and Mohammad Akmal Saifi (Educational Program Manager of Kunduz ALC).

Written test, Konduz Province 2014

Written test, Konduz Province 2014

The results are likely to be announced through official boards of Kunduz Education Department one week later.