Art Exhibition of Fine Arts Institute

One of the important partners of ANAFAE Art and Culture Department, the Fine Art Institute organized an art exhibition at Habibia High School on May 13.

More than 100 participants visited the exhibition.  In this exhibition, about 40 artworks (Paintings) of Teachers and students of Fine Arts Institute were displayed. Every painter included deep messages behind each painting.P1010767

Mr. Basmala, Head of Public Affairs Institute, Director of Habibia High school, Mr. Samia Seerat , ANAFAE representative delivered speeches and persuade Art Institute for having efficient activities in the area of art and culture.

Mr. Seerat also had a small speech and he added that ANAFAE will have Bilateral Cooperation with Fine Art Institute and will perform their cooperation based on the MOU which they signed, and he underline ANAFAE art activities and asked participants to work for art and culture