ANAFAE-WHH Graduation Ceremony of Literacy Classes

The literacy team of ANAFAE prosperously accomplished 10 literacy education courses supported by WHH in Shahrak Itefaq, PD# 13 Dasht e Barchi

The literacy education classes began on 10.Oct.2017 and covered 283 learners in 9 female classes and 1 male class, these literacy education classes mostly aimed vulnerable Afghan young females and women who are aged 15-30 and never received school education before, most of them are married and have children, they take care of them and are responsible for the house work, besides some of them are contributing in family’s income by running basic businesses.DSCN1311

The literacy education classes are length 9 months divided in 2 parts, the basic education part is for 6 months and the post literacy part is for 3 months and each of these parts have specific books and are linked to the life, work and community of learners, the graduated learners of these courses are able to read, write and count and use the gained skills in their routine.

The position holders of Ministry of Education, WHH and ANAFAE representatives participated in the graduation ceremony, and at the end, completion certificates distributed to 220 graduates which is equal to the class 3 of general education.

Learners were very interested in literacy classes and asked ANAFAE to continue literacy classes so that they can learn and can continue their education in general schools and have the opportunity to work in the society.