ANAFAE Trained 20 Literacy Master Trainers for National Literacy Dapartment

Afghan National Association For Adult Education, ANAFAE, as part of its contiguous cooperation and support of Afghanistan’s National Literacy Department, NLD, facilitated and conducted a training workshop for 20 national literacy master trainers.  This workshop, 39 days Training Workshop for Literacy Department Master Trainers” was held for the Deputy Ministry of Literacy recommended staff  was conducted in a duration of 3 months by ANAFAE. The workshop started on June-2014 and will continued till the month of August.

The workshop will be carried out by five professional trainers of ANAFAE.

ANAFAE Training Center, Literacy Master Training, 2014

ANAFAE Training Center, Literacy Master Training, 2014

The main objective of this workshop is to build the capacity and improve the professional skills of  master trainers who will be applying their gained knowledge and skills in training literacy trainers for the Deputy Ministry of Literacy in 17 districts of Kabul Province.

ANAFAE strive to improve the skills and qualifications of trainers in different fields of administration and education implementers both at meso and micro levels.  The workshop main subjects were Literacy, utilizing different teaching methodologies, Lesson plan, Civic Education, Dari Literature, Mathematics, and Social Science for the period of 3 month’s workshop.

ANAFAE initiated the series of these trainings in 2012 based on its commitment to the cause of literacy improvement in Afghanistan and its cooperation with NLD after an agreement was signed. since then, each year ANAFAE strengthens and empowers the NLD with 20 Literacy Master Trainer well trained to cope with illiteracy more sufficiently.