ANAFAE Signed a Partnership Agreement with ICDL ASIA

Providing more than 15-year educational services including IT and computer program services, ANAFAE once again proved that the ANAFAE Team follow3
every path to provide educational services.

ANAFAE (Afghan National Association for Adult Education) has been accredited by ICDL (International Computer Driving License) Asia as a Test Centre for the ICDL certification programme for two years. ANAFAE joined a network of more than 20000 ICDL Accredited Test Centres at education and development institutions around the world.

ICDL is the world’s leading computer skills certification. To date more than 15 million people have engaged with the ICDL programme, in over 100 countries, through network of over 24,000 ICDL Accredited Test Centres (ATCs).
After signing this partnership agreement, ANAFAE has committed to operate ICDL examinations to an identical standard in Mazar-e- Sharif Afghanistan. This2 test allows individual candidates the opportunity to certify their digital proficiency regardless of age, gender, race or any other characteristic.

Mohammad Tabish Amiry, Master Trainer of IT/Computer, has been accredited by ICDL Asia to act as an Accredited Tester in Afghanistan.

It is worth mentioning that there are 3 ICDL Accredited Tester in Afghanistan and ANAFAE has one of them.

While it’s important for the young generation to be equipped with digital skills in preparation for working life, it appears that not many of them truly are. Various studies done around the world have shown that the young generation have either a very elementary level of digital abilities, or they have not yet fully grasped the skills or concepts required to take them forward.

With the acceleration of new technologies, from smartphones, big data and social media to the internet of things, artificial intelligence and robotics, this partnership between ICDL and ANAFE is more important than ever, for every individual, organization and society to seize all the opportunities of the digital world.