ALC-4 First Graduation Ceremony

First graduation ceremony of ALC 4 was held on 11th July 2017 by presence of Afghanistan National Art Gallary Chairman, Central Zone ALCs’ Educational Program Mangers, ANAFAE’s science and art master trainers, officials of private schools and educational centers, social associations officials, people of theIMG_9587 area, students, and teachers.  This center graduated 30 students from English, computer, and science departments.

The event started with some verses of Holy Quran preceded by Afghanistan National Anthem.

This event continued by speeches of Mohammad Akbar Mahmoody ALC4’s Educational Program Managers, Sabera Rahmani Afghanistan’s National Gallery chairman. They appreciated the ALCs and their achievements and encouraged people to study arts in ALCs.

After that the event continued by speeches of Mohammad Nazir Ibrahhimi ALC3’s Educational Program Manager, Teachers, and a comedy show by theater team of Kabul University Arts faculty.

Last, the event finished by distribution of appreciation certificates to teachers, and graduation certificate to students.