Adult Learning Center Aybak

ALC Aybak

ALC Aybak is located in the Karti Solhi Aryana Phase inside of the Municipality hotel. This ALC has registered and established in 2010.  It has 5 departments (English language Dep, Computer Dep, Science Dep, Social and Art Dep and management Dep. About 90 % of trainees are Adults between 18 to 40 years ages. 80% of the ALC teachers are having higher educations, and 20% of the teachers are 12 year school grade.

The target groups of ALC Aybak are: governmental staff, militaries, universities students and school students (male and female).

The building is fixed with the water and electricity system and it is equipped with the furniture, computers and security cameras.

Two security guards are working 24 hours in the ALCs to pave the security for the learners and education system in this center.

Most of the educational materials are produced by Master trainers of ANAFAE and use in to all ALCs, this is the point which people interest to join ALCs because the learning materials and methodologies are updated and most of trainers are expert and having higher educations with many years’ experiences.

ANAFAE prepare some capacity building professional training workshops for all ALCs’ Trainers and administrative staff. Through these trainings they learn new teaching and other service methodologies.


ALC Aybak:

  • Increase the teaching and learning capacities of the Adult Education Center in Aybak.
  • Additional new basic employment skill trainings courses for young adults
  • Additional new courses in computer, basics of EDP, IT, management, accounting, marketing, Dari, math, English, office management and accounting additional new vocational courses to improve work related skills  and basic literacy