P1010469 Green spring

On 8 May, 2018 the Afghan National Association successfully organized the’ Green Spring Painting Festival’ One of the first public art competitions in Kabul.  The public interest was huge, many visitors enjoyed the festival.

The main goal behind this first public art competition festival was to actively express the feelings for spring and green environment.

About 30 painters from across the country  submitted their drawings. Ten top painters were selected and were asked to perform a life painting during the ‘Green Spring Painting Festival’.

During the festival a jury selected the 3 best life performer in public transparent process.P1010733

Mr. Helal Ahmadi got the first position, Ms. Jamila Ahamadi got the second position, and Mr. Yama Kabul-ie got the third position. It is worth mentioning that Mr. Helal who received the first position is an art teacher in one of the four Adult Learning Centers of ANAFAE Kabul, and we congratulate him for his success.

The Head of the Ministry of Information and Culture, Mohammad  Rasol Bawari  requested ANAFAE to organize more public art competitions and festivals, to support the development of art and culture issues at city and national level.

In addition, Mr. Abdul Bashir Khaliqi, director of the ANAFAE presented the vision and mission of ANAFAE and the education programs of the Adult Learning Centers, as well as his personal feelings about the role of art in a society of conflicts.

Moreover, paintings from various painting classes of Adult Learning Centers from Kabul were shown at the exhibition during the ‘Green Spring Painting Festival’

A theater group presented a drama with deep meaning under the name of ( Marda ra Qawl ast- Men’s Promises) which really made the festival very joyful. The’ Jalwa Ha’ group also presented a drama and expressed the real problems of Afghans.P1010440

The National Magic Players performed a magic trick and bought a lot of fun. A group of musicians played national music and visitors enjoyed it a lot.

At the end Mr. Bawari, and ANAFAE representatives, Mr. Abdul Bashir Khaligi, Mr. Naseer Bayat, Mr. Saminullah serat, ANAFAE Art Master Trainer, the Education Managers watched the painting, talked to the individual painters and expressed their appreciations.

The ‘Green Spring Painting Festival’ was indeed a great success for ANAFAE. Several Media broadcast ed about it and ANAFAE got a lot of positive feedback and will definitely continue its education activities in the area of culture and arts in all 23 Adult Learning Centers in 2 provinces.