Memorandum of Understanding signed between ANAFAE and National Art Gallery

IMG_8288The Director of the Afghan National Association for Adult Education (ANAFAE) signed a new Mutual Memorandum of Understanding with the Sabira Rahmani, Head of National Art Gallery, on September 20, 2016. This memorandum is valid until end of 2018.

The main purpose of this memorandum is to strengthen the professional cooperation between both organizations in the field of art education for young people. In addition, this memorandum allows ANAFAE to organize art shows of its art students in the National Art Gallery. Students, who took part in the art education classes of ANAFAE receive appreciation letters and joined certificates, also signed by the National Art Gallery.

By signing this mutual memorandum, both parties gain additional benefits. ANAFAE’s art education instructors will have the opportunities to participate in meetings, conferences, capacity-building workshops inside and outside of the country by National Art Gallery. On the other hand, National Art Gallery staff now have the opportunities to join ANAFA’s capacity building courses, English language, IT and science courses without any charges in the respective courses.

It is worth mentioning that ANAFAE art education department gained remarkable achievements, such as, gaining membership of supreme council of Afghanistan Art, receiving appreciation letter from Ministry of Information and Culture for conducting better art educational programs.

Furthermore, Asadullah Muhaqiq Jahani, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education, responsible for Curriculum Development and Teacher Training appreciated the education programs of ANAFAE.

In addition, ANAFAE participated in annual Cultural Heritage ceremony at the Ministry of Information and Culture. Recently, ANAFAE has opened an art gallery in one of the Adult Learning Centers in Kabul to present the art and design products of the students of the art education classes. ANAFAE promotes art and cultural education in Afghanistan. For ANAFAE the cooperation with other partners and networks at national level is important to develop art and cultural policies and education strategies.