Celebration of International Teacher’s Day

ANAFAE celebrated Teacher’s Day with financial support of Afghanistan National Education Coalition (ANEC) and technical support of ANEC core group as IMG_3701
well as voluntary organizations in Kabul with 275 participants on Sep 5,2017.

This event brought together ANEC, Education representatives, government officials, students, teachers, and media.

During the opening session of the Teacher’s Day in Kabul, Sardar Mohammad Rahimi, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Education, congratulated teacher’s Day to all teachers in Afghanistan. He pointed out that unfortunately we can observe a dramatic underfunding in this important essential field of education. He stated that despite teachers are working hard to serve the learners, much attention is not paid to their rights and they are paid less. In addition, he noted that no consideration had been paid to capacity building of teachers.

Mr. Rahimi pointed out, most of the improved countries are those which invest more on their education such as Japan and Korea. He highlighted that professional teachers are one of the requirements of Education Department. Teachers should be honest, professional, and education providers and professional teachers should be differentiated from unprofessional teachers who did not gain this profession through their skills and qualifications. He appreciated all vital services teachers provide to school girls and boys and promised that Ministry of Education will bring fundamental changes in teaching curriculum as well as IMG_3722teacher’s rights.

Abdul Bashir Khaliqi, Country Program Director of ANAFAE and Representative of ANEC, welcomed all participants and congratulated the Teacher’s Day. He provided information about works and achievements of ANEC.

Fazel Ahmad Fazel, Afghanistan National Teachers Council (ANTC), highlighted the achievements towards improving the situation of teaching system throughout Afghanistan and provided strategic plan towards reaching the goals in 2018.

At the end of the event, ANEC declaration on current situation of teachers and schooling analyzed, problems identified and solution presented to government, Civil Society Organizations and Private Sector.