Capacity Building Workshop in Mazar-e-Sharif for ALC/CLC Managers


Capacity Building is a very important issue in every organization. The situation such as Technological, Political, Environmental, Social, and Cultural is changing rapidly. Therefore, organizations in order to be updated and be active need to capacitate their employees. ANAFAE (Afghan National Association for Adult Education) held 3-day Capacity Building Workshop from 12 up to 15 Sep 2017 at Mazar Coordination Office. This workshop was conducted by Mr. Shamsuddin Muhib, ALC/CLC Program Manager, and Mr. Wolfgang Schur, vhs dvv International Country Coordinator.

The highlighted issues in this workshop were Monitoring Result of Master trainers from centers, Course Inventory, and Teacher Test Result. In addition, the workshop also included issues regarding Review of ALC Work, CLCs in Asian Countries, Draft of Evaluation Report and its findings, and concept of Monitoring.DSC_0466

Furthermore, one day of this workshop was designed to discuss Presenting NESP (National Education Strategic Plan) by Kabul Network, Analytical Practice on ALC Data with ALC Manager, Administration issue, and UNFPS (United Nations Population Fund) Report on Mazar e Sharif, and UNFPS Report about Herat.

The capacity building workshop was highly beneficial for ALCs and CLCs of Afghanistan. Education Managers practiced on several issues in order to learn Data Analysis practically. The Managers practiced on group work and learned how to work in a team. The managers learned how to monitor a program or a center that confidentially will help them to be more professional.