Basic Literacy Training Workshop for Shahrak-e- Itefaq  Facilitators and Supervisors in Kabul City


ANAFAE has implemented 20 days’ basic literacy training workshop for Shahak-e- Itefaq facilitators and supervisors in Kabul City. This training workshop is DSCN0037held in cooperation with the Ministry of Education Literacy Department and financial support of WHH.

After struggling in surveying and selecting the target group, the workshop has been started form Sep 16, 2017 and will continue till Oct 8, 2017.

Number of the participants in this workshop is 12 people, 10 teachers, 1 supervisor, and 1 literacy department representative of 13 district of Kabul.

The main goal of this workshop is to strengthen the teaching knowledge of participants in order to use new adult teaching method and apply them appropriately.DSCN0030

Adult Teaching Methodology, lesson plan, student’s assessments, Andragogy, evaluation and sample teaching are the issues which will be discussed in this workshop.

After ending of this 20 days’ workshop and preparation of classrooms, this program will be implemented for 1 boy class and 9 girls class.