Art Exhibition of ALCs/CLCs in Nigaristan Mili

There is no one universal definition of art but there is general consensus that art is the conscious creation of something beautiful or meaningful using skill and P1000589imagination. Art is a collection of beauty and skill by which the artist represents his/her feeling; so we can say an art is a poem without words. An art is valuable for the artist as much as a gold is valuable to a jeweler.

To appreciate the skills of artists, ANAFAE opened an exhibition of 200 artworks of its teachers and learners with cooperation of Ministry of Information and culture in the Nigarstan Milli on October 11, 2017.

This art exhibition brought together government representatives, artists, teachers, learners and media.

P1000681The main goal of this exhibition was to encourage the teachers and the learners works and creativity through which they serve the country.

Hamidullah Zakeri, representative of Ministry of Information and Culture, appreciated the work of artists and this exhibition. He stated that Afghanistan is a civilized country. Afghans can represent themselves through art to the world. Art is a symbol of unity and solidarity. He wished all the artists success and prosperity.

Mohammad Hashim Shariq, Head of Ghulam Mohammad Maimanagi Conservatory, welcomed the participant to the event. He also stated the importance of art and culture during this important development phase of the country and the importance of promoting the artists’ talents. He highlighted that the decades of war in the country highly affected the art of
the country. He mentioned that by art we can serve our country and our people.P1000741

Hayatullah Mirzayar, Head of Literacy Department of ANAFAE, provided information about ANAFAE and its activates in the art section. In addition, he highly appreciated the cooperation of Ministry of Information and Culture, Nigaristan Mili, and educational centers of ANAFAE.

This art gallery exhibition also included educational satire and poetry.

After distribution of the appreciation certificates, the exhibition of the arts has been opened.