ANEC (Afghanistan National Education Coalition) STUDY EXCHANGE

A Study Exchange Program on SDG4 (Sustainable Development Goal 4) and Adult Education Policy and practice for 11 members of Afghan National Education1 Coalition (ANEC) was co-organized in India by the Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education (ASPBAE) and the National Coalition for Education, India (NCE India) from 11th till 16th June 2017.

Representatives of ANEC member organizations:

Afghanistan and one from Nepal. The Afghan participants were – Ghulam Ali Parwiz (Afghan Civil Society Forum – Organization), Hayatullah Mirzayar (Afghan National Association For Adult Education), Jan Mohammad Ahmadian (Secretary of Afghan National Education Coalition), Abdul Bashir Khaliqi (Afghan National Association For Adult Education), Naseer Ahmad Bayat (Afghan National Association For Adult Education), Jawid Ahmad Omari (Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief – Organization), Mohammad Najim Frogh (Afghan National Association for Adult Education), Nooria Safi (Women’s Capacity Building and Development Organization), Khadija Mahmood Shinwari (Integrity Watch Afghanistan), Benafsha Rashidi (Afghan National Association For Adult Education), and Roshan Mashal (Afghan Women’s Network).2


  • Education & Development
  • SDGs & SDG4 – an Historical Background
  • Gender & Education
  • Education Financing & Budget Analysis
  • Synthesis & action plan for ANEC

Lessons learned:

  • India, Nepal and Afghanistan country context study for strategic planning
  • Review overall purpose of SDG and SDG4 and linkage with NESP III
  • CSO engagement at the national level on SDG4 implementation & indicator development
  • Advocacy on eliminating discrimination against women in education sector

As part of the program, participants visited the Azad Foundation & Sakha Cabs exchange on 11th June to know about Education & livelihoods with dignity for resource poor women, Indian Adult Education Association (IAEA) on 13th June to understand the work of IAEA on adult education and NCE India on 15th  June to exchange studies on STRATEGIES AND STRUCTURE focusing on experience sharing from Teachers’ Union, overview of advocacy initiatives of NCE India (issues & methods), policy research & policy analysis work of NCE India and information & communications work of NCE India.

Ram Gaire, National Coordinator of the National Campaign for Education, Nepal (NCE-Nepal), also participated with the team from Afghanistan. NCE India was represented by Rama Kant Rai and Bella Das. ASPBAE was represented by Anita Borkar, Medha Soni, and Susmita Choudhury.

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