Adult Learning Centre (ALC) Charickar

  • The ALC is located in Charikar city of Parwan Province and  was established in 2010. The ALC is registered with the directorate of economy in this province. This centre has 15 rooms and 34 teachers.



    • Provision of educational services for new life opportunities for the youth in the last classes of school, to support their graduation from school
    • Provision of skills training for young adults in work from school to university to employment, skill training for young adults in work



    The ALC has Four main departments  (English language, Computer, Science, Social, and management deparartments and provides services in the fields of Information Technology, application programmes, Dari, Science subjects, English, office related skills, accounting, office management and Islamic education the Holy Quran. Almost 95 % of the stuents are adults whose age is 18-40 years ages.

    Target Groups:

    The main target groups of the education programs are young people in their last years of school or in transition from school to higher education, grades 9-12 students, university students who attain addational knowledge and  people in transition from school to working life.

    Teaching materials:

    Most of the educational materials are produced by Master trainers of ANAFAE and use in to all ALCs, this is the point which people interest to join ALCs because the learning materials and methodologies are updated and most of trainers are expert and having higher educations with many years’ experiences.

    ANAFAE prepare some capacity building professional training workshops for all ALCs’ Trainers and administrative staff. Through these trainings they learn new teaching and other service methodologies.

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