ANAFAE’s Mission and Vision

  • To support and expand provision of adult education;
  • To provide adult education multipliers with initial and ongoing training so as to improve their skills and upgrade their qualifications;
  • To foster the improvement and wider dissemination of adult education content and methods;
  • To engage national institutes of education and vocational training in dialogue around basic adult education concepts and strategies and the values and social concepts that need to be developed to ensure lifelong learning;
  • To promote networking among practitioners engaged in government and non-government institutions, especially in literacy programs, vocational training projects, women-specific education projects, and civic initiatives, as well as education practitioners employed in the health sector and in cultural institutions;
  • To promote exchange and cooperation among the various providers of adult education and their staffs in the interest of improving adult education contents, concepts and methods
  • To elaborate national sector-specific strategies for facilitating the broader population‘s ac¬cess to qualifying basic and continuing adult education that reflects the everyday life and work situations of target groups.